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Pink Nails

Get Pretty in Pink: How to Rock the Hottest Nail Trend

Pink nails are having a major moment right now. From barely-there baby pinks to bold hot pinks, this fun and feminine hue is taking over nails everywhere. Whether you’re looking to try the trend for the first time or want new ways to work pink into your regular nail rotation, this guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about rocking pretty pink nails.

Opt for an On-Trend Pink Polish

Right now, pink nails are all about finding the perfect pink shade to complement your skin tone and style. Some of the hottest pink polish picks include:

  •  Baby pink – This pale, muted pink flatters all skin tones. It’s a great option for a subtle take on the trend. Essie’s Ballet Slippers is a top choice.
  •  Dusty pink – For a modern twist, go for a dusty rose shade with a hint of gray undertone like OPI’s Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs.
  •  Neon pink – Make a bold statement with an electric, neon pink like China Glaze’s Pink Voltage.
  •  Hot pink – An eye-catching true hot pink like Sally Hansen’s Big Peach is always in style.
  •  Glitter pink – Add some sparkle with a pink glitter polish like Orly’s Rage Against the Machine.
  •  Two-toned pink – Go half-and-half with pink and white like Lights Lacquer’s The Other Half is Pink.

Whichever pink you choose, keep the rest of your manicure neutral to let the pink really pop.

Pink Nails

Make Your Pink Mani Last

One of the biggest challenges of wearing pink nails is avoiding chips and stains which stand out clearly against the light color. Here are some tips to get your pretty pink manicure to last:

  •  Use a base coat – Start with a base coat like Essie Here to Stay to protect nails.
  •  Apply two thin coats of pink polish – Let the first coat dry before adding the second for even coverage.
  •  Finish with a top coat – Seal in color and add shine with a top coat like Seche Vite.
  •  Wrap your tips – Brush polish over the tips of nails to help prevent chipping.
  •  Use quick-dry drops – Speed up drying time between coats with drops like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.
  •  Avoid hand washing – When you do wash hands, wear rubber gloves to protect your manicure.
  •  Carry nail supplies – Bring things like nail files and cuticle oil in your bag for quick touch ups.

With the right products and care, your perfect pink can go the distance.

Wear Pink Nails for Any Occasion

While pink may seem like an obvious choice for feminine events like baby showers, weddings and dates, today’s on-trend pink polishes work for any occasion. Here are some fun ways to wear pink nails:

  •  Work – Update your work look with a professional pale pink polish.
  •  Casual Daytime – Try a bright neon pink for running errands or lunch with friends.
  •  Night Out – A shimmery glittery pink is right for happy hour or a concert.
  •  Vacation – Go for a summery hot pink pedicure for the beach or pool.
  •  Girls’ Night – A sheer pink with accent nail art is fun for friends’ night.
  •  Special Event – Make a statement with a pink french manicure for a wedding.
  •  Everyday – Keep it simple with the perfect pink creme polish daily.

Whatever you have going on, modern pink nail shades are versatile enough to complement any look and activity.

Pink Nails

Use Creative Techniques to Make Pink Nails Pop

While a single pink polish makes a pretty manicure, there are lots of ways to spice up pink nails using fun techniques:

  •  French tips – Frame your pink base with classic white french tips.
  •  Negative space – Leave half your nails bare for an edgy negative space look.
  •  Ombre – Blend pink into a darker color like red for a trendy ombre mani.
  •  Marble – Mix pink nail polish with white for a mesmerizing marble design.
  •  Geometric shapes – Use nail tape or striping tools to add geometric accents over pink polish.
  •  Polka dots – Pink and white polka dots are a retro-cute combo for short nails.
  •  Florals – Brush on delicate floral designs to enhance your pink manicure.
  •  Gold foil – Press gold foil over wet pink polish for a shimmery rose gold look.

With so many options, it’s easy to create new pink nail art again and again!

Pink Nails

Care for Your Natural Nails

Regularly wearing polish can be drying for natural nails. Be sure to start any pink nail look with healthy nails:

  •  Moisturize cuticles – Massage in cuticle oil like Bliss Kiss Simply Pure to condition and prevent hangnails.
  •  File and shape – Gently file to your desired length and shape bare nails before polishing.
  •  Use strengthening polish – Opt for a polish with nutrients like OPI Nail Envy to build strong nails under color.
  •  Take occasional breaks – Give nails a breather once a week with no polish to prevent damage.
  •  Avoid remover over-use – Look for gentle removers like Ella+Mila Soy Polish Remover and avoid excessive soaking.

With the right care, you can show off pretty pink polish while still keeping your natural nails in top shape.

Don’t be afraid to think pink! With the right shade and care, pink polish is a fun, fierce and feminine manicure option perfect for right now. So try out this top trend and find your new favorite pink nail look.

Pink Nails


Pink nails are a versatile and stylish choice for anyone looking to add a touch of femininity and elegance to their manicure. The wide range of pink shades, from soft pastels to bold and bright tones, offers endless possibilities for expressing individual style. Whether it’s a subtle and delicate look or a bold and eye-catching statement, pink nails can elevate any outfit or occasion.

The timeless appeal of pink nails transcends trends, making them a classic and reliable option for everyday wear or special events. The versatility of pink nails also allows for creativity in nail art and design, from simple and understated to intricate and detailed patterns.

Embracing pink nails provides an opportunity to showcase personal style with a chic and sophisticated touch. With its universal appeal and endless variations, pink nails stand as a go-to choice for anyone seeking a versatile, feminine, and fashionable manicure option. Elevate your style and express yourself with the beauty of pink nails.

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